Zod For The Nod?Viggo Mortensen Talks to Star in Snow White And The Huntsman Breakdown

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This maybe one of those gossips of peoples putting one and one together getting 4 but it looks like talks with Viggo Mortensen to play the Huntsman in Snow and The Huntsman may have broken down which means he’s no longer attached to a movie.

According to Heat Vision the talks fell apart over the weekend as the studio and actor couldn’t come to agreement on the actors wages which HV beleive was in the region of $8 million plus gross and Universal Studios weren’t to happy with that. In Snow White and The Huntsman Mortensen would have lined up next to Kristen Stewart who is to play Snow White with the Evil Queen to be played by his The Road co-Star Charlize Theron.

It looks like the negotiations wont be resurected as Universal Pictures seem to want to move onto another actor and what next for Mortensen? 2 options He takes up the option of playing General Zod in Snyder’s Superman or possibly the role in The Dark Tower, personally I would rather see him in Superman!