The Expendenbles 2 Moving Forward But Sly Stallone Will Only Star nOT dIRECT iT

Unless its obivous what movie it is, I tend to get a little skeptical when film studios announce there soon to be released movie will have a follow soon after and this has been the case with The Expendables.

Millennium Films are now getting the band wagon ready again to start getting the cast together for another mission to some far fetched fictional country which sounds like a European football team from Roy Of The Rovers, but it seems Slyvester Stallone may not be directing this time.

According to LA Times have got their hands on information regarding the script which they say Stallone has hand over the baton to David Agosto and Ken Kaufman his co writers from the movie . They also say Millennium Films are looking at someone else to direct this time though Stallone is still very much a big part of the sequel but probably more on the acting side of things and at this stage of things theres been no word who may come in.

Obivously Millennium want to keep things fresh even radical as the reports said maybe bring in a few more young faster characters though who of the original cast will be returning we dont know at this stage. There’s always been talk of  Bruce Willis getting a bigger role this time as super villian  and with Sly’s other old buddy Arnold Schwarzenegger now back on the film market there talk that oneof those 15 movie offers he said he got is to appear in the The Expendables 2!

To get this sequel to really work better this time is to get more of the action less of the soul searching character arc’s more solid action scene and even I did enjoy the movie it did lack action scenes. Remember nothing has been confirmed yet  so there could still be a chance for sly to still be in the directing chair  and Millennium have refused to comment. But the prospect of actually witnessing  3 of 1980’s biggest action hero altogether in some form that lasts more than an odd cameo insult and dissapear is very tempting!

source LA Times