Mark Whalberg Wants To Do THE FIGHTER Sequel

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Looking at 2010 Oscars this years awards were a little more spread out with only two movies making 4 a piece (The King Speech & Inception) and David O.Russell’s THE FIGHTER did well with Melissa Leo and Christian Bale picking up the best supporting roles. Due to the worldwide sucess of the movie ts now looking like a good chance that movie number 2 will be in the works as revealed by Whalberg himself on the red carpet pre Oscars show when he was interviewed by Warner Bros Extra Tv:

“Now we’re gonna talk about doing No. 2…..We’re gonna do the Ward/Gatti trilogy and make it real,”

If you loved this movie which I did (and Im not a boxing fan) this maybe exciting news though you wonder if he was only caught up with the excitement of the Oscar Buzz. You maybe thinking 3 movies which is not the case as he’s reffering to the trilogy of boxing matches his charcter Micky Ward with Auturo Gatti which was slightly referenced in the movie. If this is the case the movie this time will have a more boxing as these fights sum up the real sporting story of the character and it would be a good way to round up the movie. As for the fans of the movie like myself we would love to see the entire cast back as Melissa Leo and her daughters made the movie more entertaining as well as compelling but if the movie is aiming more on the boxing this might not have the sucess as the the main movie.At the moment this is all talk at the moment nothing has really been scripted or even any cast signed up, so takes this as a possiblity but not 100% confirmed.

So whats your thoughts on a possible The Fighter 2 sequel?check out the video of Mark Whalberg talking to Extra

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