2 New X-Men Posters , A insult To Movie Goers Intelligence

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Dont insult my intelligence guys! 20th century Fox have released 2 new posters for X-Men:First Class which are frankly terrible, lazy looked like the level of art & design you get drom a 12 year discovering design software for the first time. When you compare these to the character posters from last month which where actually very good compared to this crap, at least it had Xavier (McAvoy) and Lenhsherr (Fassbender) standing in front of either a mansion, concentration camp which let you know what backgrounds the characters where coming from. I’m here at home struggling to find work and theres people sat in a office paid good money to create this lazy crap is pathetic, apparently these are not fanart actual true marketing.

Is it me or do these feel like a early April fools day joke? Apprieciate you comments below.