Watch The Video Montage For The Films Of Danny Boyle

“Choose Life, Choose A Job, Choose A Family” – the iconic line spoken by Ewan MacGregor in the cult movie TrainspottingĀ  created none other by Danny Boyle. Last month we posted a great video montage by Kees Van Dijkhuizen for Sofia Coppola movies which was part of of 12 monthly part video series visualising great filmmakers and Kees has gotten in touch with The Peoples Movies and we can now present his new montage for Danny Boyle.

Danny Boyle is one of those filmmakers who seems to capture the social/economicĀ  problems of Britian(Trainspotting, 28 days later) as well the popular culture patterns of the time with great ease. He is also one of the best filmmakers who can easily get into the pyschie of real life stories from Slumdog Millionaire to 127 Hours, he really takes you right into there sub-conscious and makes you feel you are them.

The video isĀ  a portrait of Boyle’s palette and the amazing visual beauty he has put on the screen throughout the years. There is also an extensive ‘walkthrough’ of the video, with information on how I tried to capture Boyle’s trademarks, on my Kees blog page. This is another fantastic video hopefully we will bring you March’s video as well.

A big thanks for Kees for sending the video



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