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live bloging

01:33 Its Showtime!

01:40 there doing ok at the moment, nice to see alec baldwin in the intro!

01:43 First two awards coming up tom hanks!

01:44  Best Art direction awards????

01:45 Alice In Wonderland is the first winner!

01:47 Cinematography next

01:48 Willy Pfiester Inception!

01:51 Lost broadcast guys sorry!

01:54 Kirk Douglas 94 yrs old presenting best supporting female awards, living legend who will win???

01:55 Jackie Weaver was amazing in Animal Kingdom and Hailee Stansfield was superb too

01:57 Best supporting actress is……Melissa Leo!

02:00 Anyone suprised Melissa Leo would win? Whats your views?

02:01 There goes the censors f**king A!

02:02 Next one up its Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake with Best Animation feature and short what will win ? will it be Toy Story 3?

02:04 The winner of best animationSHORT is LOST THING!


02:07 No suprises its done it again TOY STORY 3!

02:13 Javier bardem and josh brolin for best adapted screenplay

02:15  The winner is…Aaron Sonkin For THE SOCIAL NETWORK, are you surprised? Im not well deserved

02:17 Best original screenplay now

02:19 The winner is KINGS SPEECH any suprises folks? probably not is this the start of the one dog race for the rest of the night?

02:24 Here We go a dannce parody from Anne Hathaway

02:27 I think we can say its best foreign movie category

02:28 The Winner is IN A BETTER WORLD ,Great movie I watched on Tuesday at Glasgow Film Festival slow engrossing movie

02:30 Reese Witherspoon with Best supporting Actor is this Christian Bales?

02:33 Down again folks

02:45 Im back best soundtrack Trent Reznor for The Social Network!

02:47 Best sound mixing award with Scarlett Johansson & Matthew McConaghey

02:48 tHE wINNER is INCEPTION! Its no surprise Inception is picking up some of the techincal awards

02:50 Sound editing now and INCEPTION Has done it again!

02:55  Sexy Marissa Tomei up to present The scientific awards

02:57 Cate Blanchette time very beautiful woman with achievement in make up award

02:58 Rick Baker with The wolfman is the winner!

02:59 Best Costume design and the winner is….ALICE IN WONDERLAND, i hated the movie but i will give them credit for superb costume design.

03:01 Is it me is this years awards going too fast?

03:03 Its George Clooney ! looking like Kevin Spacey presenting the best song first up to sing is randy newman but is it only best song as its in Toy story 3?

03:07  Havent seen Tangled but its typical Disney style winning formula

03:12 best documentary goes to STRANGERS NO MORE

03:15 Best live action short movie now and the Oscar goes to…..GOD OF LOVE

03:21 Oprah Winfrey is here to present

03:24 Best Documentary is INSIDE JOB no NEED for Banksy to appear, even if the critics said it was the best of the bunch but banksy is rebellious and oscar board are too conservative.

03:29 Billy Crystal remincising in old presenters of the awards

03:33 Best offical Effects goes to INCEPTION! its there night!

03:35 Best film editing goes to SOCIAL NETWORK! There doing good so will this still be THE KINGS SPEECH Night that many people predicted?

03:45 Next 2 best song nominee with jennifer hudson presenting  127 Hrs song,  Miss  Paltrow the four letter word is SHIT

03:49 The winner of the best song is …Randy Newman Toys Story 3’s WE BELONG TOGETHER

03:53 I know its morbid its one of the best bits of the show the look back at the great actors and actress, directors we have sadly loss, every year there is always someone you miss

04:00 No corey Haim?

04:01 Nearly time for the big four awards!

04:05 Best director award shall it be Coen Brothers? Tom Hooper? Dvid Fincher…Moneys on Fincher

04:06  The oscar goes to TOM HOOPER!!!!?????? mAY AS WELL GIVE IT TO M. Night Shyamalan

04:14  Best Actress Award Time presented by the Dude Himself Jeff Bridges.

04:20 The Oscar goes to…….NATALIE PORTMAN!  As expected!

04:21 Its the boys next!

04:24 Ole Javier!

04:29 Its Colin Firth! our money was on Jesse Eisenberg! ba humburg!

04:31 Its the big one now….Best Film!

04:36 Here it is folks Steven Spielberg presents Best Motion Pictures

04:40 The Oscar goes too……THE KINGS SPEECH

so there you go folks did you enjoy the awards did our new younger hosts make it better or was it too boring and very fast? The Kings Speech picks up 4 nominees out of 12 with Inception picking up a few as well? Did you expect these awards or was there big snubs? let us know your views on the event below, its now 450am in the morning its good night!