Tweet, Tweet! DJ Caruso Signed to Direct PREACHER?

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This Friday in UK & Ireland  DJ Caruso’s I AM NUMBER FOUR will hit the cinema’s nationwide (read Dexter’s Review) and some news has been filtering through the past few hours about the director’s next project. TFS have came across some really exciting news about the cult Vertigo Comic book PREACHER that DJ Caruso has confirmed via his Twitter account that he will be directing the movie adaption of the the comic! This what he tweeted:

“My deal just closed on Preacher. Going back to the dark side and pretty fucking pumped!”

This is fantastic news but obiviously nothing is 100% offically confirmed so we’ll have to wait for that offical nod but what it does sort of do near enough looks like Sam Mendes will direct James Bond 23 a movie he was connected to direct before the MGM financial problems. Gareth Ennis/Steve Dillion’s comicbook has been a cult book since its existance between 1996-2000 and due to its dark subject matter too controversial for most mainstream film directors to touch and Caruso isn’t a stranger to movies with dark elements his breakthrough movie Salton Sea had its fairshare dark undertones. Ive read a few posts that have been online the past few hours it have been fairly mixed though 65-35% in Caruso’s favour but if things are true with John August’s script to be used it could the closest faithful adaptation to the book with a wider audience friendly tone.

So whats Preacher all about? It follows Reverend Jesse Custer a Texas Preacher who is pissed off with God for abandoning his ‘responsibilities’  and in the company of Cassidy a Irish Vampire based on The Pogues Front man Shane McGowan with his ex-girlfriend they hunt down God to demand answers. When religion, sex, drugs, alcohol and violence are involved in the same storyline this wont be up everyones street and sure will cause a bit of an uproar with in  extreme conservative right wing christian’s in USA as well as other parts of the world.

Its now impossible to create a movie without offending someone so you can understand why the antcipated adaptation has taken a longtime to develop, so many directors come and go everyone from Joe Carnahan, Kevin Smith and even Robert Rodriguez have alll been connected to direct at one point. The comic spans 75 issues and to whittle the movie down to a 2 hour feature as well as writing a script which is faithfull to the story but also ‘friendly’ enough not be cut to shreds by the censors. If this movie is going to be moade it has to be a R (18) Rated movie if not you may as well make Bambi a porn film as it wouldn’t be worth making.

So whats your thoughts on Caruso directing Preacher? Are you a fan of the comic? This is still only a rumour so please leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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