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It was only last week the rumour broke that Shane Black maybe stepping into Jon Favreau’s shoes and direct Iron Man 3 but tonight Deadline is reporting that he’s got the job. Though last week it did look like Black’s only chance of directing was possibly down to his work with Robert Downey Jnr in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang but it seems what he presented to the Marvel Higher archy were impressed. The actual deal hasn’t been offically been signed but Deadline’s source does state the deal is in the final stages  and nearing comepletition and also at this point we dont know if he will write the script too as the previous post suggested.

Iron Man is an action movie and Shane Black made his name in the 1980’s & 1990’s when redifned the action movie genre writing the scripting for some of the decades big blockbusters including Predator, Leathal Weapon, Last Boy Scout, The Long Kiss Goodnight. He was also instrumental in Robert Downey Jnr’s rehab process and giving the actor one of his best roles in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang thus the pair possibly re-uniting. This is is possibly the snag, its now 2011 and Iron Man 3 is due for a May 2013 release and Kiss Kiss Bang was Blacks one and only time behind the camera and that was 2005. So coming into the techincal side of filmaking Black maybe a rookie but overall he is no new kid on the block as his scripting cv you could say is one of the best in hollywood, so for the script forIron Man 3 this could be a match made in heaven but for the directing side this will be his biggest job yet and the confidence (as well as the contacts for advice) will be there.

According to THR they say things arent any way near confirmed and if thats the case Shane Black should be considered for the script side of things at least. He does have a barrel load of projects connected with him including the Pulp comic Doc Savage as well as the Hollywood remake of the classic Japanese manga/anime deathnote.

So what do you think all, should Shane Black be the new director for IRON MAN 3? Leave your thoughts below.

source Deadline