Shane Black To Direct IRON MAN 3?

Its been known for a little whiles that Jon Favreau wasn’t coming back for a third movie in the Iron Man Franchise, Marvel Studios are now on the hunt for a ideal replacement and it could have already found a early contender in the shape of SHANE BLACK.

THR are reporting if Black gets the shot at the thirs movie he may have to put forward a draft but at this stage THR are reporting he is only one of the contenders at this stage. As in Black’s chances he does have a good chance as his cv is not too bad worked on script for various hit movies from 1980’s & 1990’s  Leathal Weapon, Last Boy Scout, The Long Kiss Goodnight, Predator and The Monster Squad. Whilst proving himself a top action writer Black also delvied into the directing with 2005 comedy thriller Kiss Kiss Bang Bang which happen to star Robert Downey Jnr  which is probably the reason why Marvel Studios are looking at Black.

As both men are no strangers to each others style & demands it will be interesting to see how they would work on the Iron Man Franchise plus would Marvel let Black get some leeway when it comes to working with the Marvel Universe? Its all early days yet as May 2013 is the scheduled month for the movie to be released in, its a busy time for Shane Black as he has been assigned by Warner Bros to write the script for the Hollywood live version of the popular Manga-Animae Deathnote and staying with comic books he also has the task of writing a script for pulp comic book Doc Savage as well!

source THR