June 8, 2023

Russell Brand's ARTHUR Get's Its First TV Spot (And Theres More Here Who Are Attracted To Jennifer Garner!)


About 1 week ago Warner Bros released the first trailer for there remake of the Dudley Moore 1981 movie ARTHUR and today Warner Bros have released the movies first tv spot. Today been Presidents Day its usually very quite on the western front for news as its a American holiday (I wonder how many people will give there thanks to old dumbo Bush) and 2011 version has unfunny Russell Brand’s reprising  Dudley Moore little rich boy bachelor Arthur Bach. In the main trailer Liza Minelli’s character Linda Marolla (now played by Greta Gerwig) seems to have taken a back seat to Jennifer Garner as Susan Johnson despite the original movie Linda been female lead, so she had about 2 seconds coverage which caused a bit of a stir in some qaurters. If your hoping things are a little better in this new tv spot you’ll dissapointed as its Brand and Garner only which we find out there is something that is attracted to her character, Bach’s bed and me!

ARTHUR stars Russell Brand, Helen Mirren, Greta Gerwig, Jennifer Garner, Nick Nolte, Luis Guzman, Geraldine James and you can catch the movie when its released April 22nd or April 8th if your in USA.

Synopsis: Irresponsible charmer Arthur Bach has always relied on two things to get by: his limitless fortune and the good sense of lifelong nanny Hobson to keep him out of trouble. Now he faces his biggest challenge — choosing between an arranged marriage that will ensure his lavish lifestyle or an uncertain future with the one thing money can’t buy, Naomi, the only woman he has ever loved. With Naomi’s inspiration and some unconventional help from Hobson, Arthur will take the most expensive risk of his life and finally learn what it means to become a man.


check out the trailer here


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