Nicholas Winding Refn To direct Logan's Run remake with Ryan Gosling

We’ve heard many times  many movie projects are still ‘alive’ some do get made most them never see the light of day so when Joel Siler recently told MTV the project to bring LOGAN’S RUN back to the cinema it was met with some trepidation. This movie has been on the circuit for a few years and has went through director s like amleda Marcos shoe collection so been told the project’s still alive isnt much positivity until today!

Bryan Singer and most recently Carl Erick Rinsch have been connected to direct the sci-fi cult movie but now it will be Nicolas Winding Refn with Ryan Gosling as the lead actor! Now that’s what I call an update a great update! Rinsch has decided to pull out simply down he’ll be directing Keanu Reeves is 47 Ronin and this is now a remake we can look forward too!

Deadline broke the news on this one and this will be the big step up not just for Gosling but Refn as well, as this movie is a big tentpole movie for Warner’s. This looks look the big push for Gosling who is an in demand actor at the moment especially after Blue Valentine  and the transition from independent movies into more mainstream looks like is about to happen. This movie will also be the first time the pair have worked together since Drive (out in UK on September 23rd starring Carey Mulligan, christina Hendricks, Ron Perlman).

When it came to 1970’s campness none better than Logan’s Run and when it came to older movies that deserved the reboot this was one of them. But now 35 plus years on how much on new technology will the movie use hopefully not overusing cgi and Im sure like many of the new remakes it will loose a good bit of it’s cheesy campness, what would interesting is they go a little darker into the story but that would unlikely as the movie will probably be aiming for a PG/12A rating.

As the for the basis of the movie it seems the movie will stick with the script written last year by Alex Garland though dont be surpised there will be a little bit of rewriting done  by who we dont know yet if it happens. Deadline also report that they will keep the basic elements of the orignal movie Gosling a Sandman who is assigned to track down people who dont comply to society’s mandate age for death of 30 years old. The sandman himself will have to go on the run too and the age of death actually did change to 30 in the orignal movie as the book its 21 but 30 these days is regarded as the new 21 which would mean Im only 25 then!

No date has been set for shooting or even release dat yet but if things are strating to be 100% confirmed Im sure more news will appear and do expect the movie for a 2012 release maybe early 2013.