June 8, 2023

Another New ARTHUR Poster and Miracles Do Happen They Remembered Greta Gerwig!


You heard the one about the Dudley Moore  movie Remake thats marketed a trailer, tv spot, poster and forgot to mention or even include the female lead actress in any of the proceedings? Yep we have its called ARTHUR starring Russell Brand, Helen Mirren, Jennifer Garner, Nick Nolte and the forgotten one Greta Gerwig. When you promote a movie especially a remade movie you always got to include the lead actor/actress but oddly Warner Bros havent included so far the lead female character played by Greta Gerwig who is playing the part Liza Minelli played in the original but now we have a new poster which has Miss Gerwig included! Wehey!!!

I dont know if it was done in purpose or if it wasnt has Warner Bros been listening to movieland? Whatever they have started the process of making up for it, ARTHUR out April 22nd (USA April 8th).


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