Dimension Films late last night have released a new trailer for SCREAM 4, the long awaited 4th installment from Wes Craven. The new trailer (which I beleive is the Canadian one) does contain alot of new footage as well as some classic Scream franchise moments and now its ten years on Sidney Prescott has got herself sorted again through her writing anonce again The Ghostface Killer returns.

Its been that long since the last Scream movie was out I can barely remember them and what I can remember the first movie especially was great as Scream franchise basically desconstructed a genre that Wes Craven help to build, he made it possible to bring humour into what many seen as a one dimensional genre. Movie 3 was okay not as bad as many critics made out to be and when franchises go on for a very long time, too many movies it destroys the essence of the firtst movie but taking that long hiatus could well refresh it and if does well dont be surpised if movie 5 will appear a few years later!

One thing about Scream franchise Wes Craven uses the generation of its time to the max (the actor choice, pop culture) and in movie we have Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courtney Cox all returning with newbies Emma Roberts (, Hayden Panettiere (Heroes), Rory Culkin (Signs), Adam Brody (o.c) already for some Ghostface Killer thrills!

SCRE4M will be with us from 15th April.

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