September 27, 2022

Jane Goldman: Matthew Vaughn’s Next Film Will Most Likely NOT Be KICK-ASS 2

As  X-Men : First Class goes into post production fans of Kick-Ass wait eagerly to hear off any news on the apparent sequel which has been set a 2012 release date, reports have been surfing around the net that Jane Goldman the first movies writer is currently “writing” the script for movie 2. You maybe thinking great news ! however Goldman (wife of Jonathan Ross) who wrote the X-Men:First clas script late last night tried to set straight any gossip through several Twitter posts and denied she is currently putting pen to paper on Kick Ass 2 script .

Here’s what those twitters said:

“Saw a few erroneous reports today that I’m currently writing Kick Ass 2 script – sorry if anyone’s disappointed, but not true. Currently writing for 2 other projects, then on to lovely Matthew V’s next thing (right now, looks unlikely to be KA2) when X-Men post-prod’ ends.”

If the above is true what would his next movie be? Looking at the recent evidence it could still be with his old buddie Mark Millar and his next comicbook story to come movie Superior (co-created with Millar Kick-Ass compadre John Romita Jnr), a movie Millar claimed to have landed a ‘high profile name’ to play the character. But back then Millar did say by end of this month things should be ready to ayatollah Rock n’ rolla but what exactly Matthew Vaughn’s or even Mark Millar’s project next project will be pure speculation until it comes from offical source nothing is 100% kosha.

So possibly it could still be Kick-Ass 2 and the words from Jane Goldman could be used just to keep attention away from Kick-ASS 2 which will happen and have the spotlight on X-Men:First Class and if it is going to be Superior or even Nemisis the experience vaughn,/Goldman and Millar have of adapting comic books we can say we have faith that it will be a decent adaptation. X-Men:First Class will be out both sides of the Atlantic from June 3rd, expect the first teaser trailer to appear online in the next 3-4 weeks!