TRON LEGACY: Video Interviews

Okay boys and girls the wait is nearly over, Friday TRON LEGACY will be in your local cinema. Its 28 years in waiting when the sequel ti what is now one of the most inspirational science fiction movies , it is groundbreaking and I know some of theyounger genration may not think so but alot of todays technology wouldnt have be around now. Think about it 1982 talking about life in a electronic world no one think would be possible but now there plenty online internet games where you can live a whole new life , the list is endless.
TRON LEGACY picks up 28 years on from movie 1 with the original movies 2 main stars jeff bridges & Bruce Boxleitner back for more action with Sam investigating the source of Pager sent to Alan (Boxleitner) which could only come from his father Kevin(Bridges) which transports him into the digital world of Tron and face to face with his missing father someone he hasnt met for 20yearsstarting the cyber adventure acrossthe now upgrade digtial world created by his father
.Movieweb recently caught up with Jeff Bridges, Olivia Wilde, Michael Sheen, Beau Garrett, James Frain and Bruce Boxleitner, as well the movie’s director Joseph Kosinski and producer Sean Bailey. They had a nice chat about the movie, the origianl 1980’s movie and how they stayed true as best as they could to the original and of course the father & Son relationships and Jeff Bridge playing a 35 year old again.check out the interview below!

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