June 8, 2023

The Elephant To Hollywood – Michael Caine Book Winners announced


“There’s A note on the mantlepiece….”

Yes boys and girls of all ages The Michael Caine  “The Elephant to Hollywood” Autobiography is now over and the winners have been chosen. This has been the best entered competition in the peoplesmovies website’s existance, nearly 800 entrees (786 to be precise) I wish i could thank everyone personally but that would be impossible, it makes me feel so proud of my website which is 2 years old today!!! So thank you all!!!

Okay onto the important part now, today I had to work and I got all the names into a hat and names where drawn at random from my work collegues and here are the winners!!!!

Cathy James from Grays

Ruth Worthington

Barrie Phillips, Swansea

Allan Martin, Kilmarnock

And you’ll be wondering what the winning Michael Caine line was? There is a obivious few but I wanted to be fair on all as there was several ones but as the draw was random the slogan  was….

You’re only meant to blow the bloody doors off”

I accepted this one and ones very similar. So thanks to all once again who entered please keep checking out my blog, please get involved to and help me maintain the site , help get more comeptitions to this site, I maybe a small fish but a small fish swimming happily in a big pond!

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