THE AMERICAN – Video Inerviews Anton Cobijn & Violante Placido

Been a busy weekend for decent looking movies been released in UK with Machete, Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest, Unstoppable and The American hich stars George Clooney as an American Assassin who goes to Italy for one last job before he retires only to find he i now on the end of a possible hit.

This weekend due to the adverse weather I havent been able to get out to check out te movies so as if the American is any good or not I dont know, but Iv been quite surprised that there hasn’t been any video intrviews about the movie with George Clooney, so could this be a sign of how bad the movie may be ? Hopefully this week if not next weekend ill let you all know,it is however Clooney darkest character yet compared to his previous movies of more unsympthetic.

Our good Friends at Screenrush caught up with the movies director Anon Corbijn and actress Violante Placido and had a cht aout the movie….

[vodpod id=Video.4999792&w=640&h=350&fv=]