Happy Birthday – THE PEOPLES MOVIES Blog is 2 years Old Today!!!



November 20th, 2008 sitting in a cold college room breaktime from a tense college day The Peoples Movies was born and today the site is now 2years old!!!

I cant believe its two years old and when I look back in whats happened to the site I cant beleive my eyes and I question myself ” did I really do that?!” its been a hard slog with people constantly asking how do you survive and the blog going, simple hard work, make as many new contacts as possible, post your new stuff on as many social networks you can post on, accept they’ll be dissappointment, but tomorrow is another day!

My vision for the blog was to have a site where the common person (non professional ) can watch a movie and have there views on the movie not caring if the mainstream media loved the movie or you hated it what matters is your view and that was was why The Peoples Movies was created. Has it suceeded? I would say mostly yes, its given some people the platform I just wish it could be a few more, but I like to thanks Travis (Movie Encyclopedia), Best For Film, LAMB all helped out in reviews, also a big thank you to David and Hey U Guys for his words of wisdom as well sharing some great movie news, trailers mustnt forget Phil at LiveForFilms too.

What has also really excite me is the amount of international film festivals who recognised The Peoples Movies: Glasgow (where it all started, Edinburgh, Toronto, Tokyo, Frightfest, London, Vancouver, Berlin, Dublin, Raindance. The Peoples Movies & Cinehouse also featured on Total Films 600 movieblogs you may have missed, the site is currently rated 15th best UK movie blog by Wikio.co.uk, had trailer post used as a link on summer movie Middle Men (Luke Wilson, Gabriel Macht, James Caan, Giovanni Ribisi).

 I could go on forever as the plaudits ive received are fantastic but most of I want to thank you guys for coming to the blog and supporting it by tweeting posts, commenting, linking, etc… So please keeping watching the trailer, reading the post even better get involved help me out and make sure this site will be around a few years more going for strength to strength.