"Dont Call Me Shirley" King of Modern Spoof, Leslie Neilson , passes away

I know by the time Ive posted this most of the world will know the sad passing of an iconic film comedy legend Leslie Neilson has sadly passed away at the age of 84 years. every day after work I always want to start on a positive n and this news been out a out for a good few hours its still fitting to pay some tribute.

To many people he’ll be remembered for his comedy roles in Airplane! and as Lt Drebin in the Police Files and of course the movie version of the seris Naked Gun. His timing and one liners where just sublime, alot of jokes a little rique but very funny for the era and alot of the jokes to some probably go right over your head for a WTF moment until you think about what happened you’ll wet yourself with laughter, how cant you laugh at “Dont Call Me Shirley”, “Nice Beaver” and HeyUguys picked up on a classic scene from Airplane with Lorne Greene:

Rumack: Captain, how soon can you land?
Captain Oveur: I can’t tell.
Rumack: You can tell me. I’m a doctor.
Captain Oveur: No. I mean I’m just not sure.
Rumack: Well, can’t you take a guess?
Captain Oveur: Well, not for another two hours.
Rumack: You can’t take a guess for another two hours?

But how many people could actually say they made OJ Simpson look funny? one man Leslie Neilson in the Police squad series but it wasnt just all comedy for Leslie Neilson beleive it or not he also was involved series movies as well as television. In the 1960’s Peyton Place, The New Breed even New Alfred Hitchcock and The Untouchables. For the older generation it was a science fiction classic which is now the name of UK’s largest American comicbook store chain Forbidden Planet there was other movies such as creepshow, the posiedon adventures then from there things slipped downhill with the scary movie,  Dracula: Dead and Loving It and even Surf Ninjas but in every movie there’s always some Neilson Magic which makes it viable to watch.

Leslie Neilson had been suffering from  Staph and spent the last 12 days of his life in a fort lauderdale, florida dying  due to complications from pneumonia, Thankfully the actor had his 4th wife and family at his bedside as he died in his sleep, his nephew  Doug Nielsen revealing the news

“just too much and at 5.30, with his friends and his wife by his side, he just fell asleep and passed away.”

Just remember dont call him shirley and compliment his newly stffed beaver, the man the myth the comedy legnd will live forever in our hearts

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