May 28, 2023

Columbia Pictures Looking For Cameo For ZOMBIELAND 2


Zombieland was to many in 2009 one of the many surpise hits that year, seen to many as Amerian answer to Shaun of the dead of course the American’s view it as Better than Shuan but personally both where brilliant in their own ways. So its been obivious a ollo up will be on the cards and one of the big winning factors of movie one was the cameo appearance with Bill Murray been the zom com’s one, so who could Coumbia want as the cameo for movie two ? Murray’s appearance was quitefrankly sublime, comedy, timin everything was just perfect so Murray has left a very high benchmark for whoever will take his place in moie 2.

Rumours over the weekend have leaked out of two  possible candidates which  Rhett Reese the first movies screenwriter denied but whats been learned the person will be an icon hollywood figure and BloodyDisgusting believe they know the two frontrunners for the part , Harrison Ford and Sir Athony Hopkins.

Actually picturing those two actors who are icons of cinema I ca realy only picture Sir Anthony Hopkins than Harrison Ford,simply down to the characters theyhave played. You can see Hopkins doing a zombie parody of Hannibal the lecterur munching away on some nice human flesh whilst thinking about his dear clarice (mmm cianti red ‘blood’ wine!!!) as Harrison Ford I cant reall se him doing indy or Hans Solo zombie style. Bill pulled it off simply because he is an comedy actor so the icon has personally has to have had a or some comedy credentials to really knock this move off, so looking at who can do it you could assume a actor/actress who has played a iconic character (any suggestions?).

Asfor the original cast we do know prelimery talks have taken place and Woody Harrelson along with Jesse Eisenberg will be back for movie 2 as for Emma Stone & Abigail Breslin nothing has been confirmed yet. Collider also sated that possibly this time the boys will have ‘enemy’ who HArrelson’s character will hate more as he’ll be a big ‘hunkier’ rival, so theey’ll not just the zomies who’ll be giving the gang a had time of things. What we do know is Rheese & Wernick do plan to continue uing the original characters instead of starting afresh, also we do know the movie will be filmed in unglorious 3d too. Rheese confirmed that recently on MTV:

We entirely want to write with 3-D in mind…We want you to be looking down at your popcorn to make sure there isn’t blood on it. There will be a lot of fluids flying!”

As you know Im not 3ds biggest fan but with te bloo and guts ben thrown aroundthe scree plus other nasty things i can see this working in 3d, could this be my first 3d loving movie? Everything at this point is just rumour nd gossip so we cant take anything too seriously but hopefully very shortly we’ll get some 100% confirmed news for Zombieland 2!!!

source Collider

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