June 8, 2023



One thing we can be jealous of Harry Potter is the fact he is a wizard and can easily fly or magically disappear into thin air out of the dreadful rush hour traffic jams. It’s still not sank in that the movie side of the franchise is nearly finished and first part of the ending of the movie franchise will be with us next month in about 6 weeks(November 19th)! Its like many things that take you a while to enjoy and apreciate and bang there nearly finished!

 The past two weeks or so have been great time to be a Harry Potter Fans with the recent surge of great posters, banners (See below) and the the recent UK Trailer and today Warner Bros have just sent the first tv spot for the movie.If that wasn’t exciting enough, don’t forget, you can also join our magical Facebook page for chances to win premiere tickets and watch a new personalised message to fans from Daniel Radcliffe himself! www.facebook.com/harrypotteruk. If you are able to add a link to this on your page we will reciprocate links from the official page too!

Like as always Potter Fans I will do my best to post here any new stuff that gets released for your heros and one question I ask you pottermaniacs after the recent interview with JK Rowling on American TV Do you think 2 more books will be released and do you think they should be movies too? Post your comments below as usual.

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