13 April 2024

Christopher Nolan Looking For Female Lead For Batman 3

Now that Inception is out of the way and we wait patiently for the DVD release (December 6th) Christopher Nolan can now concentrate on other matters including the Batman 3 project and now the rumour mill is went onto full alert mode. As usual if nothing is comiing from the horses mouth there’s no solid evidence but Australian movie site  Moviehole is reporting that Christopher Nolan is to meet a number of actress to play the female lead role all apparently in late 20’s into 30’s but who they are we dont know. The security on this project is so tight you have more chance of George W Bush admiting he is the world’s biggest criminal (&liar) than finding out the actress are and what part they’ll play if sucessfull but that doesn’t stop us all trying to guess what character they may play and join Tom Hardy in the cast.

We know right away that Bruce Wayne‘s love interest in the previous two movies Rachel Dawes (played by Katie Holmes & Maggie Gyllenhaal) was ‘blown off’ the movie, but there is also the oldest rumour and it goes away and comes back that’s Catwoman. So are we looking at Catwoman as the villian in the next movie?but who else could they be?  One thing the Batman comicbook universe does have, is an array of female characters to choose from, I however have an sneeky feeling Nolan may play the safe boat and opt for another Rachel Dawes style character as Catwoman is too camp a character for a Nolan film, a character which can have a darkstreak rather than one dimensional.

With filming due to start April/May 2011, Nolan will be hopeful Christian Bale,Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Gary Oldman will all return once again with Tom Hardy hopefully with them that now he has a big gap in his schedule to fill with Mad Mad Fury Road now aiming for 2012 filming. Comicbook geeks worldwide will be getting the rumourmill warmed up once again and expect the classic Batman villians to raise there ugly heads again, but what I ask is the Joeseph gordon-Levitt gossip of the summer just gossip if not what role would he play if Catwoman is the villian of the third movie?

So what do you think guys? Who do you think character wise will be in Nolans third installment of the dark knight? let us know your views on the who shebang by leaving your comments below.


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