Sherlock Holmes 2 Gets a Dragon, thats a Girl With A dragon Tattoo

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We knew it was going to happen but the question was what movie and when but Guy Ritchie now has himself a girl with a dragon tattoo in Sherlock Holmes 2!

According to THR Swedish actress Noomi Rapace the star of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy where she plays the brillantally disturbed  punk computer hacker Lisbeth Salander will take the lead female role in Warner Bros follow up to the 2009 hit. This will be the Swedish stars first English speaking role and she will be joining the first movie regular’s Robert Downey Jnr, Jude Law as well as Rachel McAdams who was greatly underused in the first movie. The report suggest Rapace will only be taking over as the female lead not the character McAdams played in movie 1, its believed she will play a French Gypsy but if her character has any romantic involvement nothing is known at this stage.

As for the actual story that is been kept underwrap at the moment but possibly the involvement of Sherlock Holmes Brother Mycroft  along with Holmes squaring off against his biggest nemisis Moriaty, Brad Pitt and Daniel Day Lewis have both had their names thrown into the hat as possible candidates but like everything everything is tight lipped at the moment.

I personally thought the first movie was okay nothing spectacular, Sherlock Holmes stories are classic mystery dramas and I appreciated that Ritchie didnt follow the generic route of deerstalker and pipe Holmes as well as basing him on the actual origins (street fighter, opium user, hygiene problems). What ruined it for me personally was the fact the movie took the typical hollywood route and making the movie feel like a action thriller but with Noomi Rapace onboard Im sure I can give movie two another go when its eventually released!

source THR