Robert Zemeckis Wants Superman:Man Of Steel

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When I think of Superman, comicbook wise I think of the golden age of comics when comics where comics and when a few pennies gotta you hell of lot compared to todays comics, ‘cheap’ in the sense of qaulity and overly expensive to buy. So when you think of Superman as movies its Christopher Reeves, cheesy camp late seventies early eighties  goodness, so when talk of a new superman movie I cant fathom superman as a the dark mysterious type of character as the reborn Batman but it seems Christopher Nolan‘s Batman is the benchmark for comic book superheros.

Okay 2006 the Bryan Singer produced Brandon Routh Superman didn’t really hit the right notes, it was okay but was missing the edginess of the Batman rebooted movies, so Im not at all surprised that Warner Bros have been trying to get there prized possession involved in (christopher Nolan)what I would say is one final attempt to ressurect the man of steel. Using his recent stature and power Nolan is on the hunt to seek out the director who can make the original comic hero cool again and according to reports he’s been pull out all the stops to nab that director. Everyone from Matt Reeves, Darren Aronofksy, Tony Scott plus many more have all been looked at as the possible candidate but according to a Deadline exclusive  Robert Zemeckis is the latest name thrown into the lions den.

When it comes to special effects Zemeckis knows his stuff films like Beowulf, Polar Express, A Christmas Carol prove he is the motion animation king and we must remember hes one of the guys behind the fantastic Back To The Future franchise but you have to go back to 2000 since his last live action movie with Tom Hanks in Cast Away.

The Gossip is saying he’ll be at least producing and may even go and direct aswell, but he is also been connected with another story thats one of  Timeless the time travel story by Mike Thompson (Dragonfly, Love Happens) but at this moment there’s no plot details or any other info on the project. I think Warner Bros are hoping Nolan’s influence as well as scripting involvement will help get them the one who’ll will put Superman back at the top of the comic book movie chain, in a lean mean machine with a darker edge, so any suggestions of who should direct? or do you think the idea of recreating superman again should be no more?

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