Check These Out!Business Cards from Your Favorite Fictional Comics Companies

Check these dudes out! these are proper awesome as my niece would say, below  is a set of  brilliant business cards from your favourite fictional companies from the world of Comicbooks, movies and television!

You know the wonderful thing about them you can actually buy this as a poster!!!! created by Fro Design Co Store for around $25 (£19) and the actual poster is called ‘Day Jobs’ and it pays homage to the fictional characters he keep light on the evil corperations or at least powerfull companies within the stories they come from .

Imagine if you could get these as actual cards I wonder if it would become a craze card swapping game between movie fans, just like the old days with the old football pannini stickers!!! Those where the days!!!

Check out the poster below, click on it to see a larger picture and the list of what comic, series or movie the cards come from is below the poster!

Dharma Initiative – Lost
InGen – Jurassic Park
Umbrella Corporation – Resident Evil
Wayne Enterprises – Batman
Ironworks – Iron Man
Primatech Paper Company – Heroes
Acme – “Looney Tunes
Cyberdyne – The Terminator
Lexcorp – Superman
Paper Street Soap Co. – Fight Club
Duff Breweries – The Simpsons
Massive Dynamic – Fringe
Soylent Corp. – Soylent Green
Bluth Company – Arrested Development
Veidt – “Watchmen”
Sterling Cooper – Mad Men
Vandelay Industries – Seinfeld
Sienar Fleet Systems – Star Wars
Dunder Mifflin – The Office
Red Apple Cigarettes – Pulp Fiction

source LiveForFilms

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