The Last Exorcism – Welcomes You For A Chat

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Movie marketing is an tricky but can be brilliant if a movie is marketed is done in the right way, it is the life or death of a movie. Horror/Paranormal movies recently the marketing for some has been wonderfull especially the recent Paranormal Activity marketing ‘Demand it in your area’ gave you the impression that you have to see this movie so demand it, it was a impressive plan. There is a new kid on the block thats THE LAST EXORCISM.

Marketing uses the full power of all communication media thats available and The Last Exorcism is usung the power of the internet and possessing those webcams. Vitually every house with a PC or Laptop has a webcam or one built into there laptops and lets admit it we’ve all been in chatrooms and in some of those rooms there can be a array of strange people , especially in Chat Roulette. It isn’t unheard of Pretty Girls around the world but what if your from America and you stumbled upon across a viral video planted in the chatroom to like like an innocent chat with a nice looking girl and you got something completely different?

Well the power of the marketing watch this brilliant compilation of the best reactions from the users of Chat Roulette to this video, be warned there is a few naughty words used as well as a few images that may scare or offend you, c’mon get real guys its all in the fun of marketing, thats marketing for The LastExorcism!!!

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The Last Exorcism is released in UK on September 3rd and check out the review of the movie here .Also if you haven’t seen so far but there is a great website called Church of Saint Marks that brings “information” on exorcism, when in fact the man featured on the site, Reverend Cotton Marcus, is one of the main characters from the movie.