THE EXPENDABLES – 2 New Movie Clips "Drop Your Guns!!!"

It came out over the weekend in USA raking in $35million in its opening weekend which is fantastic for any movie and this Wednesday 18th August its time for UK & Ireland to check out THE EXPENDABLES.

What i’ve read of the previews so far are very mixed but I see the cheesy fun side of this flick and been the kid of the 1980’s a chance to see some of testosterone pumped action hero’s of the day back on the big screen, I’m up for that! In the 1980’s it was all muscule ‘n’ braun but now days they heros are’nt just all about muscule most nowdays are martial arts trained though is a few about who are ex-wrestlers/cage fighters.

Since the trailers came out or even a mention of the movies name I just start whistling Guns N Roses “Paradise City” song, its catchy and was a big hit back in the 1980’s, so to get you into the mood here’s two explosive clips from the movie!

[viddler id=1d197a3e&w=600&h=297]

[viddler id=8a66aff2&w=600&h=297]