Rumour Mill: JJ Abrams and Bong Joon-Ho Director Of Mother & The Host to Join Forces

Here’s a rumour only dreamers will hope will become reality, there’s word coming out that JJ Abrams (Lost, Star Trek) and Korean director Bong Joon-Ho (The Host, Mother) are to team up for a potential movie project.

SlashFilm from their source heard from the grapevine that last year Abrams travelled to South Korea to meet Joon-Ho  about the possibility of collaborating together on a unamed project which would see Abrams directing and his Korean counterpart producing. If the project does become reality it would possibly started right after Joon-Ho finishes of his current production Snow Piercer based on on a French comic-book and if it happens it will be Joon-Ho’s first ventue in Hollywood.

This dream team partnership os a geek fanboy/girls ultimate pairing and will have the geek world drooling at the possibility of two of the best moviemakers worldwide joining forces. If this does happen whatever the movie they will create may not start to be worked on until 2012 the earliest as both very busty guys at the moment (Abrams has Star Trek 2, Super 8 and Producing Mission Impossible 4 to think about).

The concern for myself is Joon-Ho’s conforming to mainstream hollywood can he cope with the fastpaced in your face fat cats wanting him to change things, speed things up, allround ‘influence’ his way of thinking, his first steps could be like John Woo and many similar directors/producers who have made the step up into the big players league and got lost only to go back dilated to their home countries to resart over again.

I am Looking Forward to Bong Joon-Ho’s next movie Mother which is finally getting released in UK &Ireland on August 20th in cinemas (more likely to a limited indie/arthouse cinema ) and here’s the trailer:

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source SlashFilm