18 April 2024

Reese Witherspoon To Play Peggy Lee

Ill admit i’ve always had a little crush on reese witherspoon for a while and seem to take notice of what movies she does and she does like to portray popular female musicans with June Carter been the noteable one from Walk The Line the Johnny Cash Biopic with Joaquin Phoenix. It now looks like she’ll be going back into another biopic this time the portrayal of Peggy Lee where she’ll produce (as well as star as) along with Nora Ephron(Julie & Julia and It’s Complicated) and Scott Pilgrim producer Marc Platt.

Witherspoon has actually bought the rights to the singer’s life and it was Platt whom she brought the idea too as both worked on the Leaglly Blonde movies. Peggy Lee was an accomplished Jazz singer, songwriter as well as actress with a career which spanned over seven decades in an extordinary life which was turbalent  but exciting career, she even still worked right into the 1990’s when she became wheelchair bound.

To anyone who may not know of her career  her two most notebale hits would be “fever” and “He’s A Tramp” with the latter been in Walt Disney’s LADY AND THE TRAMP movie which she wrote all the movies score as well as provide the voice for Darling and the Siameese Cats. Peggy Lee also did get  an Oscar nomination for best supporting actress for her part in PETE KELLY BLUES.

The movie is in the early stages of development with Fox 2000 the studio who will release the movie when its finished, Reese Witherspoon has just wrapped up filming of WATER FOR ELEPHANTS (Robert Pattison, Christoph Waltz) and her next movie you’ll see her in will be HOW DO YOU KNOW with Paul Rudd and Jack Nicholson set for a December/January 2011 release.

source JOBLO

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