David Slade To Direct X-Men Origins 2: Wolverine?

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Its was just a few days ago we here about Hugh Jackman was giving up his ‘Avon Man job’ to spend the autumn beefing up to be Wolverine again and now it seems the choice of director has been whittled down to two possibilities.

According to Vulture Twilight:Eclipse’s David Slade and Red’s Robert Schwentke are the two leading contenders for the directors chair with english man Slade seems to be the preffered choice according to a Vulture source in production. Slade has had some experience in the creatures of the ‘hairy variety’ with 30 Days of Night , Hard Candy and even Twilight with the wolfpack boys, as for Schwentke the recent buzz of his next movie Red (out in uk October 22nd) project offers are coming at him thick and fast.

As for the plot Christopher McQaurrie has had a first go at writing the script  sees Logan been left in Japan where we left him at the end of movie one have a forbidden romance with a Japanese woman whose hand in Marriage has been promised to another as shes engaged. Logan been Logan he never takes no for an answer  cue a few nice punch ups with the locals mutant and non mutant including the girlhe loves father and samurai holding brothers.

If the director situation gets sorted out very quickly expect filming to kick-off early 2011 possibly January/February, but Hollywood been Hollywood until stories like these get more offical confirmation it could end up been none of these directors. One wish guys dont let MCG anywhere near the camera on this one or you can expect any chance of trying to rescue this franchise a big kiss goodbye!

source Empire