Ben Affleck's THE TOWN has a new International (UK) Poster

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Empire have got their hand on the new international poster for Ben Affleck’s THE TOWN which comes out in UK& Ireland on September 24th. Since the first peices of marketing has came out for this the movie has picked up its momentum and is looking a worthy movie a definite movie to check out when it’s released. Ben Affleck as the actor his performances have been very mediocre with only the odd good performance but Affleck  as a director is alot more desirable and is THE TOWN Ocsar material? possibly but what category I’m unsure but I do expect the movie to be in the nominations when they get annouced at the end of the year.

THE TOWN  centres around Doug(Affleck) a long time thief who has feeling for a female bank manager of one of his previous jobs and whilst he tries to do right some old friends are on his back trying to bring him and buddies down. The movie also stars Jeremy Renner (Hurt Locker), Rebecca Hall, Jon Hamm, Pete Postlethwaite, Chris Cooper.

Check out the UK poster below: