The Social Network Teaser Trailer 2

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source Rope of Silicon

Curiousity Killed the cat and curiousity is what I have for David Fincher’s THE SOCIAL NETWORK movie.

Facebook control’s some peoples life especially if your in a certain age group under 30’s where everything in your life is posted on Facebook, Its like a drug if you dont post the latest pics of you makeing a fool of yourself or tell the world what you did, you hypo-venterlate panic if you dont put on the site. I do have a facebook page but I rarely go on it but I am curious to know how the creators of the worlds most popular site started out and if we’re to beleive its a very interesting story.

Well Columbia Pictures have been keping a big grip on The Social Network movie only allowing little snippets at a time keeping the interest in the viewer to seek more and today we have a second teaser trailer.The first teaser was more a audio teaser with a few word poping up on the trailer, now we have more visual like watching the chat room and we here the havard kids getting a little pissed off with each other, going to sue each other not much but we do get the impression the evolution of Facebook was not a easy one.

Andrew Garfield aka the new spiderman is in this along with Jesse Eisenberg, Rashida Jones and even JT Justin Timberlake but the thing the appeals to me most is David Fincher (se7en, Fight Club) is directing with Aaron Sonkin scripting.

So when’s it out? October 15th in UK & Ireland  and October 1st North America.

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