New Machete Posters Are Badass and Dangerous!!!

source HeyUguys

Last Week the “first offical” trailer for Machete arrived along with some top notch images/posters giving this movie one bad ass look. From its incarnation  as a ‘preview trailer’ between Planet Terror/Grindhouse movies this looks like to be one mean crazy but great looking revenge movies for a while, its up there with The Expendables as in the look and action style going a little retro ala 1980’s which will appeal to people even if this ends up been a bad movie (hopefully bad-ass movie!!!).

Thanks to our good friends at HeyUguys  here is 6 new character poster from the movie, posters they got from Empire and boy these locos are armed & dangerous ready for some action. These posters will be coming to a bus shelter near you and I wonder what your granny’s reaction whilst she waits at the bus stop waiting to go to the post office to collect her pernsion and catches a look at el loco himself senor Trejo starring down at her? She’ll run a mile!!! He maybe old enough for his free bus pass Danny Trejo but he can take on a perdator as well as pull a few senoritas!!!

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