Video Interview With Twilight Eclipse Director David Slade



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source Collider
Well Twilight Fans we are another day closer to movie 3 or if your American 1 day to go!!!

As promised I’ve started posting video interviews with the cast and crew of Twilight Eclipse, I know so far I have only posted a interview with the movies screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg but dont despair later today i’ll have first set of cast interviews with the rest tomorrow.

But Now we have a video interview with the director David Slade who is better known as the director of 30 Days of Night another take on the vampire genre and his next movie will be the Shadow.Some people questioned if Slade was the right man for the director and in a franchise thats adored by the fans of the books and despised by many others it looks like he has made the best movie so far and of course looking promising for the movie to get some more positive comments than negative. In the interview he’s asked about his preperation, how he shot the movie and how much he knew about the twilighters.

I know some people dont always watch or read interviews from the crew but it is good to hear from the people who make the characters possible for the likes of Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattison and Taylor Lautner to bring Bella, Edward & Jacob onto the big screen.

Once again this interview was first on Collider as an exclusive and we thank the guys, enjoy.

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