The First Trailer For The Smurfs 3D has Arrived

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source Yahoo Movies

As expected Thursday has arrived and after yesterdays offical release of the first image of the smurfs movie a trailer was expected today and below you can find the first teaser.

The movie’s voice cast includes Neil Patrick Harris (who introduces the trailer), Hank Azaria, Alan Cummings, Anton Yelchin, George Lopez,Jayma Mays, Jonathan Winters, Katy Perry,Paul Reubens and Jeff Foxworthy with the movie directed by Raja Gosnell.

This is another part of my childhood brought to the screen, well as I’ve said many times never say never, everything is been created into movies!!! Whilst I wish we had more anime in uk we got hanna babara cartoons and they brought the smurfs into the english speaking world from there native Belgium by Peyo (for Spirou comic)in 1958.

Still a long time before the movie is out Summer (July/August) 2011 so expect to see alot of big blue talking gnomes coming to your screen soon, ok join in with the theme la lalala la la la laaaaaaaa!!!!

[vodpod id=Video.3847084&w=610&h=350&fv=vid%3D20369007%26amp%3Brepeat%3D1%26amp%3B]

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