Neil Blomkamp To Direct The Hobbit?

source GeekFiles

If it isn’t gossip about who’ll be the new spiderman, captain america or who’ll be a X-Men the other big movie that stirs up lots of rumours is The Hobbit. Ever since Del Toro’s exit the rumours have ben rife on who will fill the directors chair with last week we reported that Harry Potter director David Yates was in line to be the director but there was also talk that Warner/MGM want Peter Jackson to finish off what he started. The last gossip seems to be the strongest rumour but its all down to Jackson’s Schedule and Yates will be a good alternative, but now  The One have reported that District 9 director Neil Blomkamp is been lined up to be the director for The Hobbit movies.

If Blomkamp is the man for the job he’ll have Peter Jackson helping him in executive producer role like he was on District 9 and it appears at the moment thats all Jackson wants to be as he believes if he stepped into the director’s chair he would only undermine the work he did for the trilogy as he doesn’t want to compete against them. Both also were going to adapt the popular videogame Halo last year but due to lack of interest that project collasped.

Blomkamp’s inexperience may make the Hobbit double a too big a project for him to handle, they both worked well on District 9 and using Blomkamp as the director may entice Peter Jackson to take a larger role in the movies which may please many LOTR fans but it could also encourage Warner and MGM to get Jackson to direct the movies himself.

Back to David Yates Pajibaare claiming he has not been offered anything by Warner but they state he will be offered another adaptation of a DC Vertigo comicbook Fables which was originally meant to be made for the tv but now they want it for the big screen.

Things are rolling very smoothly as as for starting shooting it looks more realistically January or early 2011 before the ball starts rolling. Though I’m excited that the hobbit is going to be created (question is when) its starting to feel like one of those long running cheesy soap stories from tv that you just want to end, come on guys get a director in place!