Full Trailer For SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO Live Action

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Unless you followed Anime or you can a remember a classic ‘cartoon’ from your childhood called Starblazers (it’s American name) you may not know about this but SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO is one of the classic ‘Space Soap Opreas’ and now 33years on the live action movie version is nearly with us and below is its first full trailer.

Takashi Yamazaki will be a rich rich man as Yamato is so sacred to the Japanese like Coronation Street here in the UK, but like any national treasure you have to treat it with respect and make sure you dont spoil it.The creators behind this movie are going big style on the special effects and what we see from the footage I’m mighty impressed!

This will be a blockbuster movie in Japan and there lead been from Japanese pop phenomenon SMAP, Takuya Kimura. For those not familar with Yamato you can look at it like a old school Battlestar Glactica but more darker as well as grimer.Check out the trailer after the break and this movie is heading for a December 1st release in Japan and due to the cult status the animation has in the West I do think we’ll see a big following here as well.

synopsis:To save the human race once again facing the danger of extinction, the restored Yamato voyages in to outer space. The year is 2220. A black hole with a size 300 times larger than the sun approaches the Solar System and the earth is expected to fall in to massive black hole. A transmigration to the Sairam Star begins and the first convoy led by Kodai Yuki departs the earth. But a mysterious fleet attacks the convoy and they disappear. When the second convoy meets the same fate, Kodai Susumu heads to the Sairam in the newly rebuilt Yamato. – imdb

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