WHIP IT: Cast & Crew Video Interviews

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If your American or live in a country which has already seen this movie (probably out on DVD now) but tomorrow in UK &Ireland WHIP IT will be out in the cinemas.

Whip It is the directoral debut for Drew Barrymore which is about Bliss (Ellen Page) who comes from a small texan town of Boden. Bored of her life in her hometown the indie rock misfit discovers happiness in the roller derby league in nearby Austin, escaping her mum’s beauty pagent wishes to dreaming suceed in becoming the roller derby star herself.

I caught this movie when it made its UK premier at Glasgow Film Festival late February and I was impressed (watch out for my review sometime this week) in what I saw especially it been Drew Barrymore debut directed movie. I shouldn’t have really been surprised if you’ve been around movies all your life and your godfather is Steven Spielberg you should know the odd fiming trick or two.

Below is loads of short video interviews with Shauna Cross who wrote the book as well as the screenplay (and a cameo in the flick), Ellen Page, Juliette Lewis, Kristen Wiig, marcia Gay Harden, Landon Pigg, Daniel Stern, Andrew Wilson, Alia ShawKat and Drew Barrymore.

Whip it is out nationwide from Wednesday 7th April.

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