THE GHOST : Video Interviews

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This Friday THE GHOST (USA – The Ghost Writer) will be released in the cinemas in UK & Ireland. The movie made the news for all the wrong reasons simply down to the movie’s director Roman Polanski’s sexual ecounter with a minor in 1970’s though it did help the movie get promotion due to Polanski allowed to finish off the movie inside but also made it harder to the movie to be distributed.

The movie stars Ewan MaGregor as The Ghost Writer hired to complete the memoirs of former Prime Minster of UK played by Pierce Bronson who has retired to USA after many years dominating the political stage but as the the Ghost writer delves into the ex-Pm’s past he uncovers secrets that puts him in great jepordy.

The actual movie has had mixed reviews but mostly averaging around 3/5 mark which means the movie is good but not fantastic. Below is several video interviews with the cast – Pierce Bronson, Ewan MaGregor, Olivia Williams, Kim Catrill along with the movies producer Timothy Burill and Robert Harris who wrote the book as well the screenplay.

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