Rumours Say Megan Fox Has Been Offered RED SONJA Role

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She Has the talent of a vegetable, scream like a banshee and sexy looks to die for Megan Fox has been  rumoured to been offered the part of Red Sonja according to speculation. According to Pabjia  the stories, news we have heard over the past year or two about Rose McGowan to play the flame haired female warrior from The Conan Barbarian universe have all been just rubbish and that Megan Fox has been offered the part that some media have been connecting her with the part for a few years now.

The Robert Rodriguez  produced adaptation potentially cum franchise would be ideal for an younger actress and with Rose McGowan been at the wrong side of 30 (though I prefer Mcgowan), choosing Fox maybe the better option.  Fox does have the sexy looks and she would  be the prefered ideal pin-up fantasy action girl that would get those fanboys drooling at their knees to see wear the skimpest uniforms ever, which im sure she’ll gladly oblige raking in the pennies for the studio.

I wonder if this is Rodriguez disassociating himself from the project? possibly, possibly not and if Fox is the girl to take over has the deal been done as Conan The Barbarian remake is already filming and Red Sonja has an cameo part in that movie and could pull in a few more happy fanboys for that movie when it comes out. With McGowan and  Douglas Aarniokoski looking like there off the project the hunt will be on for new director to direct David N.White’s script, but will their be a new producer on the cards as well?

After so much on off speculation about the Red Sonja remake what this does do is show the project seems to be starting up again and the first peices of the project will be starting to be put in their place. If Megan Fox is to play the part she has alot to prove on the acting side, we know she can scream, run and hypnotise the young fanboys with a stunning looks but she needs to prove beyond her looks there is some one who can act and if she pulls it off she may start getting some more positive feedback from critics.