New Predators Featurettes Edwin (Topher Grace) & The movies origins

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2 new featurettes for PREDATORS Nimrod Antal’s reworking of the classic sci-fi -thriller franchise have been posted online. The featurette focuses on the character Edwin played by Topher Grace who plays a doctor who has “seen and done horrible things” and producer Robert Rodriguez also says “maybe the most deadly of them all”. In Grace’s character the other human characters dont know why he is here but if you could look at his past he could be the deadliest of them all, its the old saying never judge a book by its cover!

Our second featurette has director Nimrod Antal along with the producer Robert Rodriguez talking about how they got the project, the origins, how they wanted to tell the story as well as how Arien Brody got the leading man role. Predators is a movie which needs alot of CGI effects to make the movie more ‘visually realistic the 2 go into why the cgi is very important.

Predators will be with us on July 23rd and our American friends will see the action 2 week earlier on July 9th.

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