I Love You Phillip Morris Loses Distributor…Newmarket To The Rescue?

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The story behind behind the saga of I Love You Phillip Morris is a bit of a confusing one, so far its looking like it distributing problems is nehind the reason for the movies delayed release stateside, though I have also read reports online about the movie been ‘too gay’ . The latter reason sounds more like PC squad or even the coservative american christians doing their bit to denounce Homosexuality actually exsists but it seems Deadline Hollywood reports that the movies film studio Europacorp have pulled theplug on North American rights from Consolidated Pictures Group.

EuropaCorp (partly owned by Luc Besson) say the small film distributor has breached its contract a deal they picked up at Sundance (2009) with Europacorp getting  around$3 million (£2 million) with a $8 million promotion campgain. The $3 million was apparently to be paid on delivery of the film which they did around 90 days ago but no payment was received and CPG lost the movie, but they are still going to fight for the rights

“We’re the distributors right now, we have a contract and we’re asking Europa to deliver certain things. We’ve hired legal counsel, and if we need to go to arbitration, we will. We plan to distribute this film” CPG’s Timothy PatrickCavanaugh.

The reason CPG wont give up too easily is down to the deals they have done with Canadian distributor Alliance Atlantis and Fox who will release the movie via home DVD, so simply its more than one cookie at state here but if those deals are still commencing or not we dont know yet. If the rights get thrown back onto the market  Newmarket a small but more established distributor promised if they get the rights the movie will be shown in North America by Fall this year.

The old If question here is ‘if’ CPG hold onto the rights of the movie the whole shebang will end up in court with the lawyers deciding on what will happen more likely a arbitration deal will be sorted. What is so amazing about this movie is that when the movie came onto the market right up until a month before the movie was released in UK there was no talk of when it would get released here just when it’ll be out stateside and when a movie comes out in your country you do loose track on how its doing elsewhere. So if your American and wanting to see it good luck !!

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