Zack Snyder Talks 300 Prequel & 300 3-D

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source Empire

Zack Snyder is a very busy guy these days with Legend of the Guardians  coming up at the last part of this year and next year year with suckerpunch awaiting us all in 2011. Snyder is one step ahead of those projects and thinking about his next one after them, the 300 Prequel Xerxes.

Snyder confirmed to Coming Soon’s comicbook website SuperHero Hype that he is going ahead with Frank Miller’s new script/story, which will also most likely to become a graphic novel as well.

“I’m waiting on Frank to show me something in the next couple of months, and there’s a really good chance that will be the next thing we do,” says Snyder. “I’m not telling him what to write. I’ll take it and I’ll adapt it and make it into a movie and I’ll write a screenplay, but I want him to do whatever he thinks.”

Like anything we here these day take nothing for granted that a deal has been offically confirmed  yet.

“I’m pretty confident it’s going to be awesome”

Warner want to convert majority of their back catalogue as well as new movies to the 3D Gimmickery and with Suckerpunch already going to be 3D it looks like Snyder has jumped on the I love 3D movies after apparently watching a 10 minute reel of 300 in glorious 3D. Now he’s in we can expect 300 to be released as 3d very soon but possibly it could all depend on how well Clash Of The Titans is able to keep up with the box office sales of Avatar, Alice in Wonderland and if it does expect 300 3D!!!