Vahalla Rising:Mads Mikkelsen Interview


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source Cinehouse

When it comes to epic movies and ones of historical/mythical content we only seem to cover those of Christian relevence but never any of pre-christian socities. Vahalla Rising  is an movie created by Bronson  director Nicolas Winding Refn  and stars Mads Mikkelsen (Casino Royale, Clash Of The Titans) as One Eye a mute warrior held captive by Norse Viking warriors and he escapes slaying his captors and he goes on a quest to find his trueself.

This movie is set in Viking times and was created with virtually no money usung visually stunning scenery and strong story writing as it basis. The movie is slow but also very deep and times brutal when the action kicks in. Screenrush recently caught up with Mads and had a chat about getting down and dirty in his upcoming viking epic.

 The release date is not 100% confirmed but I believe Vahalla Rising will get a limited UK/Irish release this Friday (19th).

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