Shutter Island: UK Press conference

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One thing I do love about HeyUguys apart from been a great source for British and Irish movie fans is the press conference trailers they post on their sites. My jealousy kicks in when they get a chance to sit in the same room as Leonard Di Caprio, Sir Ben Kingsley and the iconic Martin Scorsese and boy he is an walking encylcopedia of all things movies, he is a master of films.

The Shutter Island  conference which lasts just over 30 minutes long and we here how the movie effect Leonardo’s life outside the movie, what to expect but we do Martin Scorsese talk about what he knows best…MOVIES!!! Shutter Island also stars Mark Ruffalo, Elias Kosteas, Jackie Earle Haley, Michelle Williams and Max Von Sydow and is in our cinemas fro Today.

source Heyuguys