Rupert Wyatt to Direct a Planet of The Apes Prequel?

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source SlashFilm

If they dont want to ruin a movie with sequel after sequel (then may have already) the next option for a movie if they dont want to take the reboot route is to go down prequel, see how the movie got to before movie 1. Planet of The Apes has been one franchise that has been connected to made into more sequels and with the reboot already been done embarassingly by Tim Burton in 2001, the next ‘logical’ route was a prequel.

Burton tried to cover the origins a little bit in has flopped adaptation but now  20th Century fox  have hired the services of The Escapist  director Rupert Wyatt to develop and direct the prequel to Planet of The Apes. A screenplay has already been written called Cesar after the Conquest movie that leads the rebellion against the humans, the play was written by Amanda Silver and Rick Jaffa.

Whilst we’ve seen how the evolution of the apes and humans progressed during the cult franchise but we have never  had a look at where it all started and this prequel will hopefully bridge that gap. Dont expect talking chimps with them taking over Earth. The movie will be a hard hitting Science Fiction movie  set in current times about scientists who create hyper intelligent chimpanzees.

20th century Fox’s Tom Rothman states the setting will take place before the first movie: