Rachel Nichols Joins The Ever Increasing Conan The Barbarian cast

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source Cinematical

The past few weeks the remake of Conan The Barbarian’s cast has been fair toning up with new actors joining the cast or at least in talks. We’ve heard that Mickey Rourke looks like he’ll be Conan’s father, Avatar Bad Boy Stephen Lang to be the sadistic evil demon loving Khalar Singh and we’ve even heard stories of MMA fighter Bob Sapp will be Ufka.  But like any movie its great having the brawn but you need the beauty as well and Latino Review (who seem to be getting the most scoops on this movie) are saying that Rachel Nichols has joined the ever increasing cast.

If its true or not wnat can say it looks likely it could be as the actress has confirmed on her Twitter page so this does look like its a goer for her. It looks like she will play the part of Tamara a girl whose life is saved by the monastery that Queen Acheron is hiding at from singh apart from the prayer  she has become a a keen martial arts expert. Conan and similar warrior fantasy movies need there female warrior and Nicholl is ideal to play the part as she played a heroine in G.I Joe movie as Scarlett and as what she be wearing, well if you are a conisuer of all things fantasy you’ll know the feamale characters dont seem to wear much.