Green Lantern Movie Starts filming and increases Cast


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source WorstPreviews

This week sometime the filming will start for Green Lantern  with Ryan Reynolds who plays the movies superhero Hal Jordan aka  The Green Lantern. Hal Jordan is an American test pilot who is granted a mystical ring that gives him superpowers and to become a member of the interplanetery police force also known as Green Lantern Corps that keeps peace throughout the galaxy.

THR have reported that two new zealand actors : Taika Waititi and Temuera Morrison have joined the cast of the movie. There names maybe be unknown until you mention what they’ve been in; Waititi  or also known as Taika Cohen  wrote, directed and starred in EagleVsShark  and Morrison will be a little better known as Janga Fett from the Star Wars Prequels.

Waititi will play best friend to Jordan whilst Morrison has a even more important role in the  movie playing Abin Sur the member of the Corps that is instrumental in Hal Jordan becoming the Green Lantern. The 2 newcomers will be joining the cast that already includes, Peter Sarsgaard, Blake Lively, Tim Robbins and Mark Strong.

The movie is been scheduled for a June 17th 2011 American release date with the movie to be made into 3D with Green Lantern been directed by Edge of Darkness/Casino Royale director Martin Campbell.