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Over the last 7 years I have worked in the travel industry on-off and every summer before I head overseas to work I like to head to the book shop and pick up a few books to keep me going through the summer. I do love the obscure, the dark, thrillers,horrors or just something very different instead of the ‘norm’ and every year one book caught my eye but I never really took the courage to actually buty it that’s Carter Beats The Devil by Glen David Gold.

I don’t know if its just Im a sucker for those 2for 1 or 3 for 2 offers and the book has never been on offer, so when I read the Playlist article that says the book is going to be created for the cinema my curiousity to read the book has now grown. The book is an epic novel of magic, love , scandal, deception and the invention of television following the fictionalized career of magican  Charles Carter. According to AintitCool , Tom Cruise had bought the rights to the book with probably with him to play the lead role and Robert Towne to write and direct the project.

After a few years lying dormant possibly  down to financal constraints along with such movies as The Illusionist & The Prestige, Tome Cruise seemed to have lost the rights to the book. Things went a bit quite on the western front for the book and recently Film School Rejects wrote a peice in support for the book to make its onto the big screen which actually got the books author Glen David Gold to write some email replys and one of the  responses the website received:

 “Warner Brothers just optioned Carter this afternoon. And yes, that’s something you can talk about. Let’s keep fingers crossed.” 

Its a great comment to here if you are a big fan of the book but we must remember its still early days things can change and we must take into consideration that the book is a decade old so if warners where to commit to the project they need to have an actor as well as a director in place.

FilmSchool Rejects a few weeks ago had some interesting choices for the possible movie cast with Adrien Brody, Barry Pepper, Charlize Theron and Stanley Tucci with Rian Johnson  (The Brother’s Bloom) directing. Last year however was Gold’s follow up book Sunnyside  which isn’t Carter but does concentrate more on another magican, a magican of cinema Charlie Chaplin

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