Bruno Versus Chevalier: Who will be in Men In Black 3?

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Its been talk for many of an year now if there was ever going to be a third movie in The Men In Black franchise and that was finally confirmed back in October last year that Tropic Thunder writer Etan Cohen was offically brought onboard. The next big talk from the movie was the possibility of Josh Brolin brought onboard aswell to play a lead role, what role we dont know yet. But what we liked the most was the next bit of gossip that Sony Entertainment are considering bringing Sacha Baron Cohen aka Borat/Bruno or Jermaine Clement aka Chevailier from Gentlemen’s Bronco/Flight Of The Conchords.

The character one of the two will play will be called Yaz but we dont know if  the character will be a alien or an agent or possibly a alien agent?  The Movie fanchise his included an array of actors/comedians in their movies everyone from Johnny Knoxville, Lara Flyn Boyle, Vincent D’Onfrio so both of these comdienes would be ideal for this movie. After watching Gentleman’s Bronco’s in The Glasgow Film Festival last month (review in may when the movie comes out in UK) a movie I really liked despite its poor reviews and Jermaine Clement as Chevalier made the movie even funnier and he would be my choice out of the two. I’m sure this movie will join the long line of 3d gimmickery movies, movie 1 and 2 where good/ok at the time now I cant really stand them though im always up for giving movies another chance.

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